One Day Trip to Mysore

One Day Trip to Mysore

Mysore One Day Trip

Mysore is a place with cool and awesome weather because of the river Cauvery that surrounds the city. The agricultural activities will be active always because the river Kaveri flows throughout the year. The main reason for this is Sir M Vishwerayya and Maharaja Krishnadevaraya Wodeyar who built the KRS dam across the river and made Mysore a cool area. Therefore Mysore weather remains cool even in summer. After 5 PM the temperature automatically decreases and the whole Mysore district will have chill weather. The trees on the sidewalks and parks in Mysore city are the great sight for our eyes. The greenery and clean roads attract the tourists visiting here. One more specialty of the city is the traditional and cultural buildings. The governments have been supervising them in order to save the heritage of the city. A separate budget will be allocated for celebrating the Mysore Dasara. The whole city will be decorated with lights making it more beautiful than ever.

Customized Mysore one day tours

All the tours can be customized depending on your needs, the time you have to cover these places, and the places that you would like to visit. For more information regarding this please contact us beforehand.

During your one-day tour, you can always skip any tourist spot or add a new place. If you have any other necessity do inform us and we will try to arrange them or we will adjust to your necessity.

If you book one day tour with us, after the trip we will arrange a private tour to wherever you need to go.

Mysore Local Tour Packages Price by cab.

We have included cab fare, driver’s fare and diesel fare in our mysore local tour package. As there are no tolls in mysore complete day sightseeing, we have not included parking charges. Because at some places parking is free whereas at the rest of the tourist places, tourists have to pay the parking charges at those places itself.

Vehicle TypeFareParking / Entry Fees
Tata Indica 4+11800.00Extra
Toyota Etios, Swift Dzire 4+12200.00Extra
Toyota Innova 7+1 3000.00Extra
Tempo Traveller 12+14500.00Extra

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15 Best Top-Rated One Day Trip from Mysore By Private Car

Chamundeshwari Temple  
Mahishasur Statue  
Nandi Bull Temple  
Sand Museum  
Wax Museum  
Karanji Lake  
Mysore zoo  
Mysore Palace  
Karanji Lake  
Mysore zoo  
Mysore Palace  
Jaganmohan Palace  
St Philomena’s Church  
Srirangapatna Temple  
Tipu’s Death place  
Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace  
Ranganathittu, Bird Sanctuary  
Brindavan Garden ( KRS )  


We are excelled in Large group tours in Mysore

Call: +91 9900169661

Suppose you are coming with a large group of people we organize one day tours for large groups from 20 to 50 people. We arrange minibus-like transport for the purpose of sightseeing. We are experienced in organizing student tours. We are certified as the best tour operators from the department of tourism in the year 2012 and 2013.

Do not forget to eat these dishes if you opt for Mysore one day tour

Mysore has it own cultural foods that are famous in throughout India. A few of them are Mysore Pak, Mysore Bonda, Mysore Mallige Idli, Churmuri, Karabath, Ragi Dose, and Mysore Masale Dose. Masale dose has its own fan base all over India only because of Mysore masala dose. Coffee and tea are the most used beverages in Mysore. IF you come out during evening a lot of food streets will be open.  The price is also comparatively less than that of the other cities.

The places you can visit on the Mysore tour is given below

Tourist places near Mysore within 150 km.

There are the countless number of tourist spots in and around Mysore. If you choose a day tour due to lack of time you cannot cover all these places. Prominent among them are Shukavana, Ganapati Sachidananda Ashrama, Karanji Lake, Railway Museum, Ontikoppal temple, Balamuri, Yedamuri, Thannur lake, Melukote, Triveni Sangama, Shivanasamudra, Gaganachukki Bharachukki Falls,  Talakadu and Shivanasamudra. There are many more tourist attractions is within 150 km distance from Mysore. If you contact us we will arrange different kinds of one day tours.

Why to opt us for Mysore one day trip?

We are one of the best Large and small group tour operators in Mysore. We are experts in organizing customized, Personal, family, and group tours throughout Mysore. To avail of a competitive price, quick response, and excellent services contact us now.

To be precise we “” are one of the subsidiaries of Mysore’s best travel agency Fox Travels. Our motto is to arrange tours in and around Mysore offering excellent tours and best customer services. “ came into existence in 2011 and encouraged us to promote tourism in this name.

Our head office is at Bangalore and the branch office is located in all parts of Karnataka. We provide the best assistance with good knowledge and provide excellent quality services to customers.

Tourists’’ Heaven Mysore’s One day tour by car at the cost of Just Rs.1399/- [All Inclusive]

Total distance covered in Mysore one day tour: 100 Km’s

Duration of Mysore one day tours: Daily 7 am to 9 am till 8 pm to 9 pm

We will come to the traveler’s place to pick them up. Example: Hotel, Railway Station, Bus stand, or anywhere else within Mysore city.

It’s a golden opportunity to cover 15 attractive tourist spots of Mysore in 10 hours in a luxury ac car.

At first visit Chamundi Hills, Nandi Statue, Wax Museum, sand Museum, Karanji Lake. After that, you will visit Zoo and the world-famous Mysore Palace. After a little rest at Curzon Park, you will visit Jaganmohan palace, St Philomena Church. From there you’ll be going to Srirangapattana a town around 20 km’s from Mysore. Sriranganathaswamy Temple, Tippu’s Tomb, Jamia Masjid, Dariya Daulat Bagh, and Ranganatittu Bird Sanctuary. Spend some time here before going to the last tourist spot Brindavan garden, KRS. When you are finished our air-conditioned Car will drop at your convenient location and end your Mysore one trip.

Mysore One Day Sightseeing Tour Itinerary

Mysore City One Day darshan.

Mysore City One Day darshan includes a minimum 200 kilometers and 40 tourist spots. Then, how can you see mysore in one day? Minimum 2 days is required. For those who have a scarcity of time, we have listed the 15 places that are top rated by tourists to visit in one day.

Mysore One Day sightseeing region will be in the range of 100 kilometers. Buses, auto rishaws or bikes are not an apt choice for Mysore Tours. That’s because it takes about an hour to view each sightseeing spot. And to travel from one place to another it takes about 30 minutes via road. Due to lack of time more places can’t be covered if you travel by bus or auto. Therefore a hired taxi or private car is the best choice.

Mysore One Day Short trip itinerary. 

Chamundi Hills would be the first place to visit in Mysore one day trip by car.

To any corner of Mysore, before half an hour of the time that you told, our ‘mysore one day trip’ driver will come by following all the precautions of government guidelines of COVID-19 with the fuel filled in the vehicle. He will share the Mysore One Day Trip’s information. Firstly, Mysore One Day Tour Packages will take you to Chamundi Hills as per tour Itinerary prepared earlier via Karanji lake road, Indira Nagar. A 40 feet tower will welcome you as you reach footsteps of the hills. From here we will take you to the aerial view point located at the center of Chamundi Hill. From here at the height of 3489 feet you see the complete view of mysore city.

Second stop of our day trip is Mahishasura statue ( A statue of a demon who’s holding a king cobra in left hand and sword in the other). 

From here, we will leave you near Mahishasura statue. There is a history that the city mysore is named after Mahishasura. After spending about 10 minutes there, as you continue ahead, tens of fruit, flower and coconut merchants will plead you to buy fruit and coconut from their shop for devi pooja. There are 2 ways to enter the temple. One is free entry. Another one is the special entry of Rs.100/-. Choice is up to the person doing the trip. If you take Rs.100/- special entry ticket if the queue at the temple’s entrance is long, then there won’t be any time shortage. As you leave in your car, while you open the cap of the water bottle and drink water you’ll know that there should be a tourist spot to your left when you see the increase in the number of vehicles.

Open Sky Nandi Temple is added as the third spot in Mysore one day trip planner.

The name of that place is nandi bull temple. This bull statue is created out of a single stone. This place is situated in an open sky and the wind, sunlight and rain has been falling on it for many years. Apart from it, the chief point to be noted here is the ornaments and bell tied to the nandi by the sculptors,which proves that the temple is 200 years old. Here people sell gooseberries mixed with salt for Rs.10/-. Each tourist spot has its own kind of eatables. These gooseberries are ayurvedic fruit, the sellers and eaters are very few. With gooseberry taste, as you slap your mouth with. While seeing monkeys on the roadside, the vehicle which you sat on will start taking you back to mysore from the topside of the hill. Here you can see the forest gate of the forest department. It means the hill station is over. From here, A lot of tourists can be seen at the same place if you keep glancing to your right.

Mysore one day trip cab will take you to the 4th tourist spot Sand collection where 750 ton sand has been utilized. 

The name itself is the Sand Museum. A lot of people don’t like to visit here because it’s a private museum. But it’s not a place to skip. It is added to ‘Mysore one day trip places’ nowadays and it is estimated to have 3000 tourists visit every day.

Mysore One Day Tour’s next place is the devil room wax museum.

From here you will reach 150 year old building via kurubarahalli gate. The place’s name is wax museum. This is a private museum where sculptures and also statue of maharaja srikantadatta narasimharaja wodeyar are carved out of wax wonderfully. You can also visit a manmade ghost bungalow beside the museum. From here before reaching the next tourist spot, you can drink fresh tender coconut grown by the farmers.

Next in our ‘one day trip places in Mysore’ , we will leave you at 55 acres region Karanji lake for an hour where you can see rare white peacocks reside.

You can enjoy nature’s beauty for just Rs.10/-. There are 45 kinds of butterflies and 150 species of birds here. The beautiful trees and cool environment doesn’t let you go out of here. You have to observe the tower view point from where you can see the 90 acre karanji lake. From here we’ll take you to the forest inside mysore city.

Mysore Zoo is the best place to visit in Mysore for one day trip. 

Mysore zoo is in front of Mysore palace’s jayamarthanda gate, zoo belongs to Indira Nagar of 570010 pin code. Mysore zoo authority has been looking after this zoo successfully for 110 years. It is spread over 45 acres and contains 1500 different kinds of animals. Even here there are animal breed of minimum 40 countries that are being looked after according to their environment. Here plastic usage is completely prohibited. It is one of the most important place in one day trip. It is located inside the city and will always be crowded. Tourists spend most of the time in their mysore one day trip here. That too if there are children with them, it takes more than an hour here. To view the zoo fully you have to walk for 4 kilometers. Apart from that, there is a battery operated car that costs 150 per person, that will take you for a full zoo darshan and leave you back at the gate. One more specialty of here is animals can be adopted. Animals under extinction will be brought here. A lot of celebrities, politicians and businessmen have adopted animals here. From here our next tourist spot is mysore’s center point, mysore palace.

Mysore One Day tour main attraction amba vilas palace. This is our 8th tourist spot.

From mysore zoo our mysore local personnel will take you to mysore palace varaha gate via mysore exhibition and suggest you where the ticket counter is. Here you have to observe that there is a krishna statue on top of varaha gate. That statue is of Balakrishna is another specialty. Here after you enter by taking tickets, you’ll be informed to leave your footwear outside. That’s not because it is a palace and a majestic bungalow. Because it is the durbar of mysore province. We have to see it with reverence. The darbar hall is facing east, and it is designed with the belief that Goddess Chamundeshwari herself watches the darbar.

So many examples are there that at this holy place, maharajas have taken a lot of people’s favor decisions. All you have to do is to imagine how this place was 200 years ago. You will get a completely different experience. You have to not only see the inside of the palace but also the outside. Photography is prohibited inside the palace but you can take as many photos and selfies to your willing at outside.

At this time tourists will be searching where the food will be good for lunch depending on the Google ratings. Leave this responsibility to our staff. They have thorough knowledge of mysore. He will take you to the restaurant according to your penchant. You’ll have more enthusiasm to make the tour after lunch. You will be more comfortable after lunch. 

Jaganmohan palace art gallery will be the 9th and next tourist spot. 

Jaganmohan palace is next to parkala mata. One more specialty here is that Maharaja himself requested ravivarma to draw the beautiful pictures of mysore’s heritage. The  amazing artistry out of ravivarma has been preserved here. You have to see the 200 years old portrait of Jayachamarajendra wodeyar. Another major attraction is the stories of mysore heritage carved on one single rice grain. Photo of mysore darbar hall still astonishes all. Even today the management and upkeep is under the mysore’s rajamata pramoda devi, that adds to the dignity of palace.

St. Philomena church is included as the 10th place of our day trip.

During 1843 due to British Rule in Mysore province, Europeans increased considerably in Mysore. Comprehending that, the British have constructed a catholic church where 800 people can pray at a time. In 1933 Krishna Rajendra wodeyar has preserved the church by renovating it. The church bell will give the mind more delight. Even today chirstians pray in English and tamil here. People of all religions can visit here. You can visit here without any entry fees. It takes about 30 minutes to watch this church.

By now, our friendly staff will become very close to you. During the an hour journey time from Mysore to Srirangapattana, while he shares more information he will reach Srirangapattana.

You can see a rare sleeping Sri Ranganathaswamy at the temple of 800 year history.

He will take you to the srirangapattana temple through a shortcut which is before a kilometer from srirangapatna. Only mysore’s local drivers know this route.

As soon as you see the tower of srirangapatna, you’ll come to know that it is an ancient tower. One more speciality is that you can remember lord vishnu sleeping on a 5 headed serpent. During Muslim ruler Tippu sultan’s rule, there is a history that he provided donation for the conservation of temple and he used to worship here.

From here 3 sightseeing places of srirangapatna can be seen in the car only since entering inside is not allowed. First one is Lal Mahal palace. History states it was destroyed during the fight against the British by bombing. From just about 200 meters from there, the reference states that Tippu’s corpse was found. If you move further ahead in ac car from there, you can see the arsenal where Tippu stored his weapons.

Beside that, A beautiful mosque Jamia Masjid can be seen. There’s a history that Tippu was performing namaz here. Here people of all religions can enter without any entry fees. At this holy place you have to examine 2 things. One is the pond where Tippu performed wazu before namaz, which hasn’t dried yet. Likewise there’s a stone clock on top of the mosque. This operates using solar heat. The traces which implicate Tippu did namaz according to the time shown by the clock is still alive. Since it can’t be seen usually, you have to ask the locals to watch the clock.

Directly from there via Bangalore mysore highway you can see Tippu’s another palace in 10 minutes. It is called by the name Dariya Daulat Bagh. Tippu used to stay here during the summer season. This palace is surrounded by the Kaveri River and it is in the shape of an island and also the weather around is cool. So the palace is built here. You can spend some time in this cool environment. From here while returning via mysore to Srirangapattana road there is a cross road on the right to Ranganatittu bird Sanctuary. Bangalore To Mysore Railway track passes through in the middle of this route. Beside the track, they sell fruits plucked from the plantations directly. You can but fresh fruits here. You reach Bird Sanctuary in 10 minutes from here.

The bird Sanctuary is one of the beautiful picnic spots of Mysore created by the Kaveri River. According to experts’ opinion birds from different countries migrate here. Different species of birds can be seen here. There is a boating facility here, where you can take photos of the birds while boating.

From here, our staff will take you to the last place where your one day tour ends successfully, that is Brindavan garden.

One of the evening tourist spots of mysore, Brindavan garden can be viewed in 2 ways. One is before illumination and the other is after illumination. Because gardens can be seen before 6pm. During the night musical fountain can be seen. Therefore people like to watch it during night time. Also, Brindavan garden is getting designed similar to the USA’s Disneyland in the next 5 years. In future years, thrilling Brindavan garden gets included in the list of the best tourist spot of the tourists.

Like this we have created the tour Itinerary of our mysore one day tour. It can be customized according to the tourists wish.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about Mysore One day Trip and reserve your tour now.

Cabs in Mysore For Sightseeing

Cabs In Mysore For Sightseeing

One Day Trip From Mysore – By Car

Tourist Places Near Mysore Within 150 Kms

• Bandipur Forest
• Nagarhole National Park
• Shivanasamudra Waterfalls
• Gommateshwara Temple – Shravanabelagola 
• Somnathpur historical places
•  Panchalinga Darshan in Talakadu
• Golden Tibetan Temple 
• Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
• Masinagudi Tiger Forest
• Melukote Temple
• Biligiri Ranga Hills
• Chunchanakatte Waterfalls
• Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary
• Adichunchanagiri Temple

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Places to Visit in Mysore in One Day

Chamundi hillschamundi hills

At a distance of 8 km from Mysore Zoo & 13 km from Mysore Railway Station, Chamundi Hill Temple is a Hindu temple located in Mysore. It is one of the major places of pilgrimage in Karnataka, and among the must-visit places as part of Mysore tour packages.

Mysore Zoo


At a distance of 8 km from Mysore Zoo & 13 km from Mysore Railway Station, Chamundi Hill Temple is a Hindu temple located in Mysore. It is one of the major places of pilgrimage in Karnataka, and among the must-visit places as part of Mysore tour packages.

Sand Museum

sand museum

At a distance of 8 km from Mysore Zoo & 13 km from Mysore Railway Station, Chamundi Hill Temple is a Hindu temple located in Mysore. It is one of the major places of pilgrimage in Karnataka, and among the must-visit places as part of Mysore tour packages.

Mysore Palace

mysore palace

At a distance of 8 km from Mysore Zoo & 13 km from Mysore Railway Station, Chamundi Hill Temple is a Hindu temple located in Mysore. It is one of the major places of pilgrimage in Karnataka, and among the must-visit places as part of Mysore tour packages.

Wax Museum

Wax museum

At a distance of 8 km from Mysore Zoo & 13 km from Mysore Railway Station, Chamundi Hill Temple is a Hindu temple located in Mysore. It is one of the major places of pilgrimage in Karnataka, and among the must-visit places as part of Mysore tour packages.

St Philomena Church 

st philomena church

At a distance of 8 km from Mysore Zoo & 13 km from Mysore Railway Station, Chamundi Hill Temple is a Hindu temple located in Mysore. It is one of the major places of pilgrimage in Karnataka, and among the must-visit places as part of Mysore tour packages.

Karanji Lake

karanji lake

At a distance of 8 km from Mysore Zoo & 13 km from Mysore Railway Station, Chamundi Hill Temple is a Hindu temple located in Mysore. It is one of the major places of pilgrimage in Karnataka, and among the must-visit places as part of Mysore tour packages.



At a distance of 8 km from Mysore Zoo & 13 km from Mysore Railway Station, Chamundi Hill Temple is a Hindu temple located in Mysore. It is one of the major places of pilgrimage in Karnataka, and among the must-visit places as part of Mysore tour packages.