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After 15 years of continuous National and International trips, now we have become tour operators. We have found the requirements for every trip. Each of the tours we traveled had one or the other drawbacks. We guarantee that the bad experience that occurred with us is not repeated again. As a tour operator, we will understand the requirements of the travelers. We will listen to all the doubts and requirements and solve them. We give priority to customize the dream vacation of a traveler by the tourist himself.
We have organized about 15000 tour packages to date. Comprehending the necessities of everyone and devised the below-given tours. We used to organize 1 to 10 days tours till now and due to the requests of the tourists, we have started to organize one day short trips. Every traveler has his own likings and interests. We will adapt to the same.

We were tourists first and then we are tour operators. We will never snatch your happiness. Come we will take you to new places.

Pradeep Kakade - Santhosh shadakshari


We offer 10 o’clock of the day for additional activities for your enjoyment. Our representatives will help you with the arrival room and take you to the hotel. Packages are carefully made and customized to suit your needs and aspirations.

Mysore is one of the major tourist destinations of India, Mysore – thus giving you the opportunity to unearth its rich cultural heritage. The complete walkthrough of Mysore is designed to help you understand this special detail. As well as save you valuable time.

One day Mysore is a special package tour. We provide all the amenities needed to make the trip a success. We offer a variety of modes of transportation to make your journey comfortable and luxurious.

One Day Trip From Mysore

Bandipur National Park
• Nagarhole National Park
• Shivanasamudra Falls
• Shravanabelagola Statue of Gommateshwara
• Somnathpur historical places
•  Talakadu Panchalinga Darshan
• Golden Temple / Tibetan
• Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
• Masinagudi Tiger Reserve
• Melukote Hill Temple
• Biligiri Ranga Hills / BR Hills
• Chunchanakatte Falls
• Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary
• Adichunchanagiri Hill Temple


We are basically from Mysore native and we organize One Day Trips To Mysore and surrounding places.

We have many unique tour plans suitable for you according to your budget and convenience. We plan that tour accordingly. For instance, we organize one day tours to Madikeri, Belur, Halebeedu, Bandipur, Dubare, Ooty, and Nagarahole as a weekend tour. We provide well maintained and friendly drivers. Since 2002 we have organized 17846 tours. The net profit of the company has reached Rs.125000/-. We are already famed as one of the best one day tour company. Other operators target mainly one day tours of Ooty and Madikeri because it is a very profitable tour. But for us, customer satisfaction is important than profit.

Mysore One Day Trip, Mysore Weekend Tour Packages

Nowadays in various cities and towns of India, every profession has its own set of tensions and pressure. Therefore many people wait for the weekend to have a getaway. Even doctors have suggested that to stay healthy you should listen to your favourite songs, visit tourist spots that you like. From this your mind and body become relaxed helps you stay healthy. That too if you are travelling with three or four families it has it’s own flavour and enjoyment to it. We Indians divide tours into different types. If we are travelling with family elders we usually visit pilgrim centres and temples. But if we are travelling with friends they usually prefer not to go to temples, they like to visit other kinds of tourist attractions. The experience of going with family is completely separate from that of going with friends. Visiting tourist spots with family is a unique kind of excitement.

When we are travelling with family we will carry homemade food with us. Ladies of the house prepare snacks like chakkli, Nippattu, Rave unde before one week of the travel. The previous day of travel will have a great celebration and enthusiasm in whole house.

But while traveling with friends we do not take anything with us. We buy whatever we need at the places we visit on the way. People of the age group 22 to 35 love bike tours. It gives a thrill to them. Due to various reasons that experience will last until the age of 35. After that people will go in cars, tempo travellers or mini busses. As mentioned above music is the best therapy. Hence we have installed music systems in all our taxis. Tour operators play a major role in having healthy and exciting tours. Since you are planning group tours we assist you in selecting the places you like to visit accordingly to your thoughts.

The main issue in the market these days is that it’s hard to get a vehicle that is in good condition and a driver who is customer friendly. There is no need to worry about having a good tour and where to book the tour. We are here to help you in that matter. Everybody has toured for relaxation and enjoyment purposes. We will take all the measures for making your tour a lifetime memory. That’s why this is the perfect stage to have a good tour.

Mysore One Day Trip

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